Calcium Intake and Effect on Bone Health and Fracture Risk Reduction

Osteoporosis Canada continues to advise Canadians to meet the Institute of Medicine established daily calcium requirement of 1000 -1200 mg, from dietary sources preferably, and to use supplements if this is not possible (in the form of calcium carbonate or calcium citrate). Every cell in our body requires calcium in order to function normally and inadequate calcium intake results in the release of calcium from the skeleton in order to meet daily requirements.

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Osteoporosis Canada to Launch New FLS Registry

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Osteoporosis Canada (OC) is excited to announce the upcoming launch of the OC FLS Registry. The OC FLS Registry will be an online map profiling FLS programs across Canada, which meet OC’s Essential Elements of Fracture Liaison Services. The Registry will allow insight into the breadth and location of FLS across the country. It will serve as a vital tool to assist with OC’s efforts to foster the implementation of effective FLS across Canada.

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2015 Osteoporosis Canada Recommendations for Fracture Prevention in Long-Term Care


The new 2015 Recommendations for Fracture prevention in long-term care include an integrated falls and osteoporosis assessment as well as various treatment strategies. These recommendations target a specific population that is not usually considered in the development of treatment strategies and include valuable tools and resources for professionals providing care for long-term care residents.

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Osteoporosis Canada’s Guidelines for Vitamin D are Safe, Evidence Based and are Designed to Prevent Vitamin D Inadequacy

Regarding the recent articles on calcium and vitamin D supplementation, Osteoporosis Canada's guidelines for vitamin D are safe, evidence based and are designed to prevent vitamin D inadequacy, which is clearly harmful for bone health. In those with osteoporosis it is necessary to take adequate calcium and vitamin D as well as appropriate drug therapy in order to significantly reduce fracture risk.

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BONE MATTERS: Travelling with Osteoporosis

Originally aired: Wednesday, April 9, 2015

Did you miss our recent live presentation with on Thursday, April 9, 2015 about tips and tricks for enjoyable holidays? Maureen Ashe and Dolores Langford presented from what to think about when planning a trip, to useful tips when travelling in various modes of transportation, how to manage pain while you’re on vacation and things to consider when staying at hotels or venturing off siteseeing.

The archive version of the webcast will be available soon.

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  • Southlake Regional Health Centre Recognized for the Successful Implementation of the Fracture Clinic Screening Program


    Yesterday representatives from the Osteoporosis Strategy visited Southlake Regional Health Centre to recognize the hospital for the successful implementation of the Fracture Clinic Screening Program. Dr. Bertoia and Riki Yamada accepted the award from Osteoporosis Canada.

    In addition, Dr. Thorne and his team at The Arthritis Program were recognized for connecting their osteoporosis program to the Fracture Clinic Screening Program. This successful collaboration has allowed us to improve patient care by facilitating bone mineral density testing, referring to a specialist, and providing osteoporosis care to patients who do not have a family physician. Dr. Ng and Diane Tin accepted the award from Osteoporosis Canada.

    The Osteoporosis Strategy's Fracture Clinic Screening Program is currently in 32 hospitals across Ontario. The program was developed to address the care gap in Ontario and reduce the number of hip fractures. For more information on the strategy visit:

    Together we provide enhanced patient care and reduce the risk of future fractures.

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