Fracture Liaison Service Initiative

Osteoporosis Canada’s Fracture Liaison Service (FLS) Initiative is a national initiative to promote and support the implementation of quality Fracture Liaison Services in jurisdictions across Canada. FLS will improve osteoporosis care and clinical outcomes for fracture patients while reducing overall healthcare costs by reducing expensive repeat fractures.


Osteoporosis Canada to Launch New FLS Registry

A Fracture Liaison Service (FLS) is a specific model of care where a coordinator pro-actively identifies fracture patients, on a system-wide basis, and determines their fracture risk with the express purpose of facilitating effective osteoporosis treatment for high risk patients. FLS is, by far, the most effective secondary fracture prevention method to ensure fracture patients receive the osteoporosis care they need to prevent additional fractures.

The FLS Registry Map was launched to profile hospitals that have implemented FLSs meeting all of the 8 Essential Elements of Fracture Liaison Services.

Each of the FLSs showcased on the Registry map has demonstrated a commitment to the principles of identification, investigation and initiation of treatment which will ensure fracture patients will receive the care they need to help prevent future fractures.

The Registry:

    • Acknowledges those Canadian hospitals that have implemented effective 2i or 3i models of FLS care
    • Allows a bird’s eye view of the breadth and location of FLS across the country

Are you an FLS who has not yet completed a submission to the Registry Committee?

We encourage you to open this link to further review the Essential Elements needed for an FLS to be successful and the application process for inclusion in the FLS Registry. Submissions will be reviewed on a regular basis by the FLS Registry Committee.

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