Living Well with Osteoporosis

Managing osteoporosis to live a full and active life

You are not alone.

This section of the website is intended for those who have just learned that they have osteoporosis and those who may still have questions about how to manage this disease. It contains the collective wisdom of many individuals who have adjusted to their diagnosis and now live full and active lives.

Diagnosis has a significant impact.

Most individuals feel anxious when first diagnosed with osteoporosis. Their concerns are usually related to fear of breaking bones (or fracturing a second time if a broken bone was part of the initial diagnosis).

This fear reaction often includes negative thoughts. What if I keep losing height? I can’t go outside; I might fall. I can’t participate in many of my favourite recreational activities! I can’t even do many of the routine chores around the house without asking for help.

If you allow yourself to dwell on the negative, such thoughts can lead to feelings of loneliness, depression and helplessness. Fear of loss of independence because of physical limitations contributes to depression. It is important to think about what you can do. Remember that many people with osteoporosis adjust and live full, active lives.

With the help of drug therapy and appropriate lifestyle changes, individuals are able to reduce their risk of fracture and, in some cases, improve bone mass. That is food for positive thought! 


First Steps

Some First Steps

This section provides a list of guidelines that will help with safe movement.      


Preventing Falls

This section outlines the factors that increase the likelihood of falling and advice to prevent falls. 



Toll-free information line

Our 1-800 line provides access to answers, relevant information, and more. Available in English and French.


Canadian Osteoporosis Patient Network

COPN connects people affected by osteoporosis and broken bones from osteoporosis coast to coast. 




Support groups

Enable individuals living with osteoporosis to help each other by exchanging information in a supportive environment.



Tell us your story!

Sharing some simple accomplishments might be enough to inspire courage in someone who has just been diagnosed.




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