Sexuality and intimacy are important aspects of life. Your sexual desire may not be affected by the disease, but there may be physical limitations imposed by chronic pain, fatigue or low energy levels, and fear of fracture. A person with osteoporosis may worry about not being able to please a healthy partner. For men, anxiety either about their own bodies or about causing harm to their partner may result in impotence.

Other factors that may contribute to unsatisfactory sexual relations include:

  • Changes in physical appearance
  • Negative self-image
  • Limited mobility
  • Dealing with everyday survival 
  • Altered emotional state
  • Avoidance

If your sexual life is being affected by a diagnosis of osteoporosis, you and your partner may want to consult with a professional such as a psychotherapist, social worker or sexual health clinician to discuss your concerns. This person may be able to help you explore different sexual techniques and alternative methods of achieving intimacy. Touching, hugging, open communication and patience are as important as sexual performance in maintaining emotional intimacy. A willingness to explore and a sense of humour don’t hurt, either.


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